How to Stay Positive While Living with Painful Conditions

Chronic pain is hard to live with and sometimes, people who have to deal with chronic pain become depressed. If you’re feeling down because you’re tired of the discomfort, this is very understandable.
The key to banishing depression is a two-prong approach to treatment. You should talk to your doctor about how to relieve pain and also consider therapy or stress management techniques in order to alleviate the darker emotions and thoughts which are triggered by consistent pain. Obviously, learning how to soothe pain will be one of the best ways to feel better physically and emotionally.

Speak With Your Doctor

A doctor may recommend prescription-strength painkillers, which tend to relieve pain for short periods of time. Some of these, such as opiates, may be very addictive. All prescription-strength pain relievers have the capacity to trigger side effects.
When it comes to choosing the right pain relief method, you should talk to your doctor. If you’re concerned about becoming dependent on a pain relief medication, he or she may be able to recommend something that isn’t habit-forming.
As well, your doctor may be able to provide pills or other treatments which are known for having milder side effects. When you share your concerns, let your doctor know exactly how you’re feeling and then take his or her advice, you’ll be doing what is best for your body.

Talk to a Therapist

Secondly, you’ll need to think about what’s happening with your mind. The feelings and thoughts which come from chronic pain may be very difficult to handle. Even if pain relief strategies from your doctor do work, you may find that depression has already taken hold and that it’s hard to get rid of.
One option is to mention your depression when you’re at the doctor. A doctor is able to prescribe anti-depressants and this type of medical professional may also be able to provide referrals to mental health specialists. If you’d prefer to find a therapist on your own, you should be able to locate some good candidates just by performing a simple Google search.

Consider Holistic and Alternative Treatments

Lastly, consider healing your mind and body with alternative health practices. For example, one natural supplement, St. John’s Wort, is known to relieve symptoms of depression, while also soothing pain. As well, massage and acupuncture are known to relax people, promote pain relief and offer whole-body benefits. Sometimes, we have to experiment in order to find the right treatments. This is well worth the effort, as so many possibilities are out there. It all starts with talking to your doctor.

Learning How to Avoid Germs

There may be types of good bacteria, but there’s no such thing as good germs. Germs can come from relatively anywhere, whether your kids are outside playing or if you put your hands on a shopping card. Unfortunately they are both unavoidable and dangerous to your health. Learning how you can avoid germs by changing a few aspects of your daily lifestyle can help to keep you healthier.

Getting Vaccines

The best way that you can prevent your body from being affected by the germs that cause illnesses, such as the flu, is to get the right vaccines for the season. It is important that every year you get your flu shot which helps to protect your body against newly developed strands of the illness. It is advised that people 6 months and older get vaccinated by at least December, as this is when flu season typically starts.


Washing Your Hands

As the most obvious, and one of the most important, ways to prevent being affected by germs; make sure you wash your hands. You would be surprised at how many microscopic organisms can make their way from your hands to your mouth in a matter of seconds. Every time that you touch something that has been heavily used, consider washing your hands. You may also want to consider bringing a bottle of hand sanitizer with you when you leave the house, in case you have to take public transportation.


Wiping Down Surfaces

There will be times when you’ll forget to wash your hands and the contaminants that you bring into your home are transferred onto surfaces such as kitchen counters, telephones, and your computer keyboard. Make it a habit to wipe these surfaces down at the beginning of the day to get rid of disease-causing agents. All you’ll need is a disinfectant wipe or a paper towel with hand sanitizer on it.

cover mouth


Covering Your Nose and Mouth

It’s important that you also take control of how you spread your own germs, whether you’re sick or not. If you feel the sensation of a sneeze or a cough, grab a tissue and make sure that you sneeze or cough into it. This helps to reduce the pathogens transferred to your hands, which will infect surfaces that other people will touch. In fact, sneezes and coughs are the two most prevalent ways for germs to be transported from one person to another.

A Few Surprising Reasons You Should Visit The Dermatologist

Most people aren’t ever going to take the time to visit a different intelligence unless they are very young and dealing with a significant acne flareup right before the big dance.

This is a major mistake.

You see, professional dermatologists do a lot more than help people banish acne from their face once and for all. They help keep people looking younger, they help people improve their complexion, and they help people stay alive.

Yes, you read that correctly – your dermatologist may actually be your lifesaver.fcgg

Here are a couple of reasons you’ll want to see your dermatologist.

Are your eyes red, irritated, and causing your vision to blur?

Absolutely anything that has to do with mucous membranes – especially in and around your eyes – fall under the purvey of a dermatologist and they are the medical experts that you’re going to want to visit with to find out exactly what you’re up against.

Most of the time you’re probably dealing with a little bit of dirt or debris in your sensitive eyeball area, but from time to time you may be dealing with conjunctivitis – an infection of your membrane that can spiral out of control and really hinder the quality of your life.

Is your hair falling out?

Most men – and some women – that notice that they are going bald are going to speak to their general practitioner ASAP to see what can be done about the issue, but almost all of those individuals are going to be recommended to a dermatologist to find out EXACTLY what’s happening under the surface of your skin and how to move forward from there.

Are you dealing with sores on your mouth with any real frequency?

Mouth ulcers can be a real challenge to contend with (especially if they are presenting themselves on a regular and routine basis), which is why you are going to want to be sure that you do everything in your power to banish them from your life once and for all when you get the chance.

A dermatologist just is going to be able to treat diseases that present themselves in and around your mouth – which is why you’re going to want to seek out they are expertise over the expertise of your general practitioner who may not be able to help you quite as effectively.

These are just some of the reasons to visit with your dermatologist that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with acne (though that’s a perfectly suitable reason to see them as well).

Ways To Ease Your Stress Naturally

Let’s face it: All of us could stand to start cutting down on our stress levels. Between the responsibilities of the outside world, and everything we put on ourselves, it’s easy to see why most of us are way too stressed out. If you look up some of the studies on how many people are stressed in the United States, you’re not going to be pleased with the results.jhjjh
However, none of this is meant to depress you. It’s simply important to acknowledge if you are one of the people who are way too stressed out these days. If you know this to be true, then it’s time to start looking at the ways in which you can turn things around.

Natural Tips To Reduce Stress

At the end of the day, no one can eliminate every single thing that proves to be stressful. Sometimes, it’s good to have things that keep us aware of what we need to do. However, there is a significant difference between that, and the kind of stress that can begin to wreak havoc with your health in a variety of ways. Furthermore, your stress levels may be at a point in which you need to seek counseling and additional assistance from a healthcare professional.

Even so, there are still things you can do that can bring your stress levels down. Start thinking about the things in your life that really stress you out. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with such a list. Start thinking about the pros and cons of making major changes to each stressful element, or even think about the pros and cons of cutting that element out altogether. This is a really good way to not only make some changes, but to also give you a clear idea of what you are up against. Chances are, there are a variety of things you can do on one level or another.

Staying positive and realistic at the same time can help to a notable degree. While this is the kind of thing that is certainly easier said than done, it is also true that this is not impossible to achieve by any means. If nothing else, it is worth taking the pursuit of some solutions seriously.

Making time for your hobbies, getting a good night’s rest, and staying away from drugs, alcohol, and junk food to relax are all ways to improve your stress levels in a safe, natural fashion.

A Couple of Wild Things That Happen While You Sleep

The overwhelming majority of folks out there today believe that when they fall asleep things are pretty calm, pretty stationary, and pretty “dead” – but nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, according to sleep researchers all over the world, anyway, most of our sleep is anything but unremarkable. In fact, there can be some pretty wild things happening while you sleep, things you’d never even realized because you are there obviously) unconscious.

Here are just a couple of the wildest ones!cccc

Freefalling as you drift off to sleep

Scientifically referred to as the hypnagogic jerk, we’ve all been there before where we are trapped in a dream (usually with our bodies paralyzed) and we just seem to be falling, falling, falling – and then all of a sudden we jerk ourselves awake.

Researchers believe that this kind of weird sleep habit happens when we are over tired, stressed out, or sleep deprived and the brain begins to enter sleep cycles much more aggressively than it would have normally and our body is lagging behind.

Sleep paralysis is a lot more normal than many believe

If you have ever woken up with the inability to move any of your muscles or speak a single word it’s likely that you’ve been absolutely terrified by the experience and fear it ever happening again.

Thankfully though, it’s important to remember – or to realize – that sleep paralysis is completely normal and usually happens when your brain wakes up before your body does (the reverse of the condition we mentioned above).

The paralysis is anything but permanent and there is no underlying medical condition that you need to be aware of. Remain calm and push through and eventually your body will catch up with your brain!

Sleepwalking happens to about 10% of the population, sleep TALKING happens to far more

Researchers believe that roughly 10% of the population will find themselves sleepwalking at least a handful of times in their lives, but sleep talkers are a lot more common.

As we drift off to sleep our body goes through a handful of different “sleep cycles”, some of them taking us much closer to full consciousness than others. It’s when we get close to our conscious state – while still asleep – that we get up and move around, but it’s also when we find ourselves in this state that we become chatter boxes.

How Does Aging Impact Our General Health?

Aging changes a lot of things. Everyone is different, but some changes are pretty much unavoidable, as you surely know already! For example, as we age, we stop producing the same quantities of hormones, such as Human Growth Hormone. Our levels of Human Growth Hormone peak around puberty. At a certain point, they start to plummet and that’s often when we start to feel older.

For example, our hair may not be as thick, it may go grey, we may see fine lines and wrinkles and we may find that it’s harder to stay slim. Also, we may not have the energy and libido that we had when we were younger.

Life changes and that’s just the way it is. Some people age better than others, not just due to healthy lifestyle choices, but also due to genetics. It’s important to understand the aging process in order to come to terms with it. While no one lives forever, there are some healthy habits that we can adopt in order to boost our chances of feeling younger for longer.

Avoid Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol

Smoking is bad for our skin and everything else. It has no cosmetic or health benefits and wreaks havoc. If you’re lighting up, you’re not going to look as young as you could and you’re going to set the stage for health problems. You’re shortening your life, so finding ways to break this bad habit will be a great way to feel younger and healthier.,,,

Also, drugs are very hard on the body. Even occasional recreational drug users put themselves at risk of overdoses. While marijuana may be relatively safe, as long as you have a prescription and don’t overuse it, other drugs are pretty dangerous. Even prescription medication, such as painkillers, may be risky to take. Lastly, booze is rough on the liver. It makes the liver work much harder than it should. It’s also a depressant, and life is hard enough without drinking something that makes it seem worse.

If you have these bad habits, breaking them and adopting a cleaner lifestyle will be smart. It’s all about getting rid of what ages you and puts you at risk and then enjoying pure, healthy food, exercise, pure water and organic, natural supplements (consider HGH releasers).

Also, your doctor should be there to help. You may need medications in order to feel your very best. So, be sure to see your family physician regularly.